Sunny Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison

11/28/2023 12:56 AM

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Sunny Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison

Sunny Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison

November 28, 2023 12:56 AM
Sunny Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison
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What Led to Lengthy Sentence?

Sunny (aka Tammy Sytch) has been sentenced to 17 years in prison. The 50-year-old former WWE Superstar was facing a maximum of 25 years in prison for charges related to the death of 75-year-old Julian Lasseter.

The case has been going on since 25 March 2022 when Sytch was involved in an automobile accident that caused the death of Mr. Lasseter. This isn't the first time that Sytch was involved in a criminal proceeding and some observers believed she would face a lengthy sentence. They proved to be correct:

Details on the Sentence

The Daytona Beach News Journal is reporting: 

Assistant State Attorney Ashley Terwilleger sought the maximum penalty of 25 years in prison for Sytch, whom they have called a “a danger to society" for repeated offenses. Sytch’s attorneys argued she has mental health issues, which they said make a much lower sentence more appropriate, according to court records.

Sytch was sentenced to 17 years in prison along with eight years probation. Here are the specifics:

The judge sentenced Sytch to 17 years in the Florida Department of Corrections – a 10-year sentence and a 7-year sentence to be served consecutively, or one after the other.

H/T Fox 35

Judge Foxman commented on the details surrounding the case:

Foxman said the facts of the case are "fairly egregious," saying how Sytch admitted to drinking vodka and an open bottle of vodka was found in the car.

Sytch's intoxication level was extremely elevated:

Sytch’s blood-alcohol content was between 0.32 and 0.36 just less than an hour after the crash, according to records. That is four times the legal limit of 0.08, at which point a person is considered legally intoxicated. Sytch’s blood also showed signs of marijuana use.

H/T Daytona Beach News Journal

Reports differ but Sytch faced anywhere from 25 to 26 years imprisonment. Florida is one of 16 states in the United States that does not have parole so Sytch will have to serve the entire 17 years.

Sytch's Sentencing Statement

Orlando's Fox News 35 provided some of the comments from Sytch's statement prior to her sentencing. She reportedly discussed how she wanted to become a doctor before she entered the professional wrestling industry and noted:

"On March 25, 2022, I did the opposite of that and did harm to someone else," she said. She said she made a "stupid decision" and feels deep regret and remorse inside her soul for the death of 75-year-old Julian Lassiter, who died at the hospital after, police say, he was struck by Sytch's vehicle.
"I know my words are not enough. But please know I think about you every day," she said, looking back momentarily toward the courtroom gallery. "Every second of every day, and I will do whatever I can to make the changes I need to make sure this never happens again. No one should have to go through this and please know that every single second of every day since the crash, I wish I could change places with him."

H/T Fox News 35

Sytch's Attempt at Leniency

Sytch's defense presented a number of factors in her life that they felt should grant her leniency. The defense called a forensic psychologist and a neurological psychologist as part of its efforts to get a reduced sentence. The defense also raised other factors it argued called for a lesser sentence:

Psychological testing revealed Sytch has evidence of PTSD, borderline personality disorder, depression, and anxiety. Her family's history of alcohol abuse was also discussed, as was her wrestling history and undocumented, self-reported history of concussions.

H/T Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

The court did not grant the request for leniency and sentenced Sytch to the 17 year combined sentences.

A History of Impaired Driving Arrests

Tammy Sytch's battles with personal demons have plagued her throughout her life. This includes several arrests related to driving while impaired. TMZ Sports noted:

The case was not the first time Sytch -- who was elected into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011 -- had been accused of drinking and driving ... she had previously been arrested at least six times prior for impaired driving.

H/T TMZ Sports

What do you make of this story? Do you think the 17-year sentence was adequate?

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