Survivor Series Shatters Records

11/28/2023 1:56 PM

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Survivor Series Shatters Records

Survivor Series Shatters Records

November 28, 2023 1:56 PM
Survivor Series Shatters Records
WWE News

The PLE saw the return of CM Punk...

Everyone expected WWE Survivor Series to be a huge success for the company, and WWE this morning released a press release documenting just how successful the show ended up being:

“WWE announced that Survivor Series, which emanated from Allstate Arena in Chicago, set new records for the highest viewership, largest gate and best merchandise sales in the event’s 37-year history. Viewership for Survivor Series was up 44 percent versus the previous record set in 2022. With 17,138 in attendance, the event broke the previous Survivor Series gate record set in Brooklyn in 2021.”

The press release adds:

“In partnership with Fanatics, Survivor Series broke the premium live event’s all-time merchandise record. Sponsorship revenue was up 24 percent versus 2022. In addition, the surprise return of CM Punk after nearly a decade away from WWE further drove massive digital engagement. Punk’s comeback moment has more than 71 million views across all platforms, making it the most social post in company history.”

The event saw the WWE return of CM Punk, Randy Orton and R-Truth.