Survivor Series Will Make History

11/24/2023 10:30 AM

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Survivor Series Will Make History

Survivor Series Will Make History

November 24, 2023 10:30 AM
Survivor Series Will Make History
WWE News

Survivor Series will take place tomorrow night...

There is incredible buzz surrounding the Survivor Series event, and WWE are set to make history with the show.

The event will take place at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, and according to WrestleTix, WWE have distributed 17,200 tickets for the show.

This means that the event will become the most attended WWE event in the history of the beloved arena, as the previous record was set at WrestleMania 22.

There has been major hype for the event for numerous reasons. Firstly, all WWE Premium Live Events have done huge business under the Triple H Era, and with WarGames being on the card, it’s only added to the hype and anticipation.

Additionally, there’s also the CM Punk factor. Despite there being several reports that Punk won’t be showing up on Saturday, fans are convinced that Punk is coming back during the show. It’s worth noting that although there would have been a boost from the Punk rumours, the show was well on its way to selling out months ago, before there was a single rumour of Punk returning to the company.