"That's Great" - Dave Meltzer Praises TNA Hard To Kill Buyrate

1/26/2024 12:15 PM

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"That's Great" - Dave Meltzer Praises TNA Hard To Kill Buyrate

"That's Great" - Dave Meltzer Praises TNA Hard To Kill Buyrate

January 26, 2024 12:15 PM
"That's Great" - Dave Meltzer Praises TNA Hard To Kill Buyrate
Wrestling News

Hard To Kill 2024 was more than just a creative success for TNA Wrestling.

Acclaimed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer has heaped significant praise on TNA’s 2024 Hard To Kill pay-per-view.

Airing live from Las Vegas on Saturday, January 13, the event celebrated the return of the iconic TNA branding after almost seven years, and featured the company debuts of Nic Nemeth, Ash By Elegance, and AJ Francis - the former Dolph Ziggler, Dana Brooke, and Top Dolla, respectively. Now, Dave Meltzer believes the pay-per-view’s buyrate could soon topple company records.

Discussing the matter on Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer noted that the event was the most-bought TNA/IMPACT pay-per-view since Rebellion 2021, which featured Kenny Omega vs. Rich Swann (H/T WrestleTalk):

"The TNA Hard To Kill show did great. Right now, this is basically a week-and-a-half out, so this number will grow. But it was at 8,000 (buys) on television, which is a really good number for TNA. It's the biggest number they've done since the Rich Swann/Kenny Omega match. And it actually has a fairly decent shot, I don't know about beating that one, but being in the same realm as that one. It's possible it could be the biggest since the Spike days. Certainly already is the third-biggest since the Spike days.”

Continuing, Dave Meltzer detailed how significant the buyrate was, given the heavy competition that evening from the NFL, NJPW, and AEW:

"And the fact that they did this on a night that was against the NFL playoffs, against Battle in the Valley - although they were not head-to-head completely with Battle in the Valley, like the last hour of TNA and the first hour of Battle in the Valley were head-to-head - but they were completely head-to-head with AEW Collision. So to do a number that big against that football game and Collision, and Battle in the Valley, I think it's great. There's no other way to put it. That's great."

TNA Looking For A New TV Deal

With backstage morale having increased exponentially, the successes for TNA looks to continue throughout 2024, with the company reportedly eyeing up a new TV deal that would see them broadcast in more homes than they currently are. Santino Marella, the company’s on-screen Director of Authority, stated as such during a recent Busted Open Radio appearance.

TNA recently announced a broadcasting partnership with StarTimes, which will bring weekly programming, monthly live specials, and quarterly pay-per-views to over 45 million people across Africa.