The Bloodline Adds A New Member At WWE Backlash

5/4/2024 7:17 PM

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The Bloodline Adds A New Member At WWE Backlash

The Bloodline Adds A New Member At WWE Backlash

May 4, 2024 7:17 PM
The Bloodline Adds A New Member At WWE Backlash
WWE News

The Bloodline introduced its latest member at WWE Backlash - but it WASN’T Jacob Fatu.

Tanga Loa returned to WWE during Backlash, aiding Solo Sikoa and brother Tama Tonga to victory in their Street Fight over Kevin Owens and Randy Orton.

The seven-time IWGP Tag Team Champion emerged at the show opener’s conclusion, preventing Owens from pinning brother Tama Tonga. Laying out Kevin Owens and Randy Orton, Loa posed over his downed foes alongside Sikoa, Tonga, and Paul Heyman, signifying his official indoctrination into The Bloodline.

Tanga Loa, 40, was signed to WWE previously, competing under the alias of Camacho and serving as the enforcer of Hunico following his unmasking as the second Sin Cara. Together, the wifebeater-wearing duo were infamous for riding a bicycle to ringside, their biggest accolade coming at Raw 1000 in 2012 where they were part of the six grapplers laid out by The Brothers of Destruction.

For the last eight years, the second-generation fighter has been signed to New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Debuting in March 2016 alongside Tama Tonga as The Guerrillas of Destiny - and, thus, the newest Bullet Club recruit - Tanga rose to prominence in the market-leading puroresu group, holding the IWGP Tag Team Championships seven times and the NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Team Championships thrice. Additionally, he and Tama emerged victorious in the 2020 World Tag League tournament.

Will Jacob Fatu Join The Bloodline?

Following the post-WrestleMania Bloodline developments that saw Solo Sikoa take over as The Bloodline’s leading man, the once-Roman Reigns-led group has since undergone a glut of membership changes. Jimmy Uso was ejected, officially, while Tama Tonga joined the group in his place.

Recent weeks have fuelled speculation that Jacob Fatu, the son of Sam Fatu, and nephew of Rikishi and Umaga, would be joining The Bloodline “imminently”, perhaps as soon as Backlash: France; alas, he didn’t.