The Rock Rocks RAW's Ratings

1/4/2024 11:50 PM

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The Rock Rocks RAW's Ratings

The Rock Rocks RAW's Ratings

January 4, 2024 11:50 PM
The Rock Rocks RAW's Ratings
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Should Fans Expect More Rock Appearances?

The Rock rocks RAW's ratings, something clear from the latest numbers on RAW. In addition, "The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment" gave the WWE's social media a shot in the arm. Let's look at "The People's Champion's" performance and whether fans should expect more appearances from The Rock.

Ramping Up RAW's Ratings

The Rock's appearance on RAW was a ratings success for the WWE. Wrestlenomics is reporting:

According to Wrestlenomics, 2.154 million people watched the segment with Rock and Jinder Mahal, obtaining an 18-49 rating of 0.79. For reference, the entire show drew an average rating of 1.751 million and obtained an 18-49 rating of 0.60.

H/T Inside the Ropes

In addition, the report noted that The Rock delivered some impressive numbers for the WWE's social media:

3 million people watching the full segment on YouTube and over 13 million views on Instagram

Dave Meltzer noted at Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online how The Rock contributed to RAW's overall ratings:

The unannounced return of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and a hyped Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre World title match led to Raw averaging 1.75 million viewers on Monday night with a 0.60 rating in 18-49, the best marks since the episode where CM Punk returned.

It's worth noting that while RAW didn't have to deal with competition from Monday Night Football, it still had some tough opposition:

The competition was far tougher with the college football playoff semifinals, as the Michigan vs. Alabama Rose Bowl game did 27.2 million viewers and peaked at 32.8 million, a period against the early part of Raw. The Washington vs. Texas Sugar Bowl game, the other playoff semifinal, going against the last two hours, including The Rock's appearance, did 18.4 million viewers.

H/T Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

These numbers are particularly important because the WWE is still looking for a TV channel or streaming service to acquire the rights to RAW. If the WWE can show it can stand its ground against tough competition, it could lead to more money for the rights to RAW.

Did The Rock Tease More Appearances?

The segment where The Rock laid the smackdown on Jinder Mahal, then teased that he's heading out for dinner and suggested he's going to sit at "the head of the table" led to instant speculation that the WWE is finally booking The Rock vs Roman Reigns. As WrestleLamia discussed in another article, there are several options for this to happen if The Rock's schedule is open for a match.

However, The Rock's recent comments on his Instagram also have fans thinking he'll be stopping by the WWE again:

It all hits differently.
The theme, the crowd, the connection, the reaction, the electricity, the chills - the mana.
Helluva way to bring in 2024.
Grateful, blessed & inspired to forever be,
the People’s Champ.

H/T Rock's Instagram

If The Rock does work a program with Roman Reigns, expect the WWE's ratings to go through the roof whenever The Rock shows up. While it's always smart to provide occasional surprise appearances, the WWE should promote any future appearances by "The People's Champion" if he is going to wrestle "The Tribal Chief."

What do you think about The Rock's impact on RAW's ratings? Do you expect more appearances by "The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment?"