The Ten Wrestlers Best Suited For Jade Cargill's WWE Debut

10/18/2023 7:59 PM

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The Ten Wrestlers Best Suited For Jade Cargill's WWE Debut

The Ten Wrestlers Best Suited For Jade Cargill's WWE Debut

October 18, 2023 7:59 PM
The Ten Wrestlers Best Suited For Jade Cargill's WWE Debut

Who should be Jade Cargill's first opponent?

It’s only a matter of time before Jade Cargill officially steps into the WWE ring as the company is currently teasing which brand the former AEW TBS Champion will be on. However, the real question is: Who will be Jade Cargill’s first opponent?

WWE has already teased Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair; however, there are plenty of women on the roster who would be a perfect foil for the new WWE star and this list contains the ten women who would be better served as Jade Cargill’s first opponent. 

1. Becky Lynch

This one is a no-brainer as Becky Lynch is the NXT Women’s Champion and there’s no better way to elevate Cargill than to have her beat one of the pioneers of the women’s division. This isn’t just about Jade Cargill beating the current NXT Women’s Champion; it’s the notion that she’s dethroning a top star with career-defining accolades such as winning the first-ever women’s main event at WrestleMania 35.

However, WWE can always run this feud back when the time comes. Give Jade Cargill the win and have her dominate the women’s division on NXT. Then, when Becky Lynch wins either title on Raw or Smackdown, Cargill can make her main roster debut by immediately jumping into a rivalry with Becky Lynch. There are plenty of directions to go when it comes to Becky vs. Jade, but this one story is the most compelling way to introduce audiences to Jade Cargill and turn her into a star right out of the gate. 

2. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte is a tricky beast since there’s not much momentum for the former WWE Women’s Champion right now. However, that’s mainly due to her not being given a story that she can sink her teeth into. 

Enter, Jade Cargill. Since the former multi-time Women’s Champion calls herself “The Queen”, it would be natural for Cargill to break that illusion by getting a dominant win over Flair. Like Becky, this WILL elevate Cargill into main event status, but it could also be the start of a necessary character change for Flair. This feud can see both wrestlers coming out as better characters if done correctly. 

3. Iyo Sky

I hate to say it but Iyo Sky’s reign feels transitional. Her once-promised feud with Bayley has seemingly disappeared (at least for now) and Sky doesn’t feel like the leader of the blue brand. Sky is an extremely talented wrestler, but her still being in the Damage CTRL faction is not doing her character any favors. 

That’s why it would be better if Cargill beat Sky at the first opportunity for the Women’s title. This can go in so many directions. While Cargill would be best down in NXT first since she’s still a bit green inside of the ring, her working with some of the best women on the roster can make her look like a true star.  

The ideal loss would be due to some type of Bayley interference that goes awry. This should be the start of a Bayley/Sky feud. It’s time to break up the group as it’s not beneficial for either wrestler anymore. Just like Charlotte Flair, Sky losing to Cargill can do wonders for her characterization if creative truly dedicates investing in Sky once she drops the belt. Though it would be great if creative started putting more effort into Sky right now. 

4. Asuka

Asuka is one of the best workers on the roster. You could argue that she’s the best female wrestler in WWE. Sadly, the company isn’t doing anything interesting with the former WWE Women’s Champion right now. It wouldn’t hurt Asuka if she was the first wrestler fed to Cargill. Asuka can carry Jade to an excellent match and like everyone else, it would be a huge boost for Cargill to take down one of the top wrestlers on the roster. 

5. Candice LaRae

Candice LaRae is one of the best wrestlers on the roster. But, you wouldn’t know that because she barely does anything on WWE television these days. She isn’t as credible as Asuka, Flair, Lynch, and Iyo, but she’ll be able to make Jade look like a star inside of the ring. 

Ideally, the match should be short and sweet. Enough where it isn’t a total squash by giving Candice a hope spot, but a true showcase of Cargill’s strength and charisma overall. 

6. Meiko Satomura

The whereabouts of the former WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion are still unknown, but Satomura is still listed as an active roster member so she’s still part of the brand. WWE can easily pull out hype videos announcing the veteran’s return, but then have Cargill steal the spotlight by taking out Satomura on her return, leading to an official match down the road. 

There’s no telling what direction the company plans on going with Cargill, but if they do decide to keep her as a heel, then she should make an unforgettable splash as one out of the gate. Satomura would be perfect as the first opponent because she has some name value, and is the best possible option if WWE doesn’t want to give away Becky vs. Cargill so soon. Building her up as a badass heel that runs roughshod throughout the roster allows audiences to get invested in her character without feeling that she’s been shoved down people’s throats. 

7. Nikki Cross

It’s strange how Nikki Cross’s talents aren’t being used anywhere on the roster. She may not be on the level of Becky Lynch or Iyo Sky, but Nikki’s still an entertaining wrestler whenever she steps into the ring. 

Stylistically, Nikki stands out in a good way from any of the female wrestlers on the roster. The purpose of Jade Cargill should be to show why she’s different from the other women on RAW, Smackdown, and NXT, and Cross’s style could allow her to do so. The crazed character of Nikki Cross can bring out a dimension that Jade has yet to display on television, allowing her to be something more than a one-dimensional powerhouse.

8. Roxanne Perez

This could be the classic David vs. Goliath story. Naturally, Jade’s size is going to play a huge factor in the way she’s presented on WWE television. Roxanne Perez is a great plucky underdog babyface and this feud can do as much wonders for her as Cargill. 

9. Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus showed that she still has plenty left to offer as an active wrestler on the roster. Sure, her feud with Becky Lynch wasn’t all that great, but she left on a high note by producing one of the best women’s matches of 2023. 

The old vs. new generation match is always a fun contrast in styles and storytelling. Stratus can easily return as a babyface and get a great match out of Cargill. However, if Cargill establishes dominance over Stratus, WWE can tout that Cargill was able to dismantle a legend quickly, unlike Becky and Charlotte, who both struggled to put down the former multi-time women’s champion. This adds to the aurora of Jade’s character and builds excitement for her eventual showdown against Flair and Lynch. 

10. Beth Phoenix

The future of Beth Phoenix is unclear, especially since her husband is in AEW. However, the former WWE Women’s Champion is still listed on the roster page so she’s still with the company as of this writing. The obvious comparison is Beth and Jade’s finishers, but this should be a great display of power vs. power. 

It’s way too early for Rhea Ripley to drop the WWE World Women’s title, which is why Ripley and Jade should stay far apart. However, a great way for Jade to showcase her dominance is to have her beat one of the most dominant women in the company’s history. Beth carries the legacy that Trish Stratus has, but her impressive size and strength would make Jade’s debut more impactful because of Beth’s WWE history, who was billed as the modern Chyna at one point.