The Usos Re-Uniting At WrestleMania XL?

3/24/2024 8:21 AM

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The Usos Re-Uniting At WrestleMania XL?

The Usos Re-Uniting At WrestleMania XL?

March 24, 2024 8:21 AM
The Usos Re-Uniting At WrestleMania XL?
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A solid pitch.

Speaking on his podcast, the father of Jimmy and Jey, Rikishi stated that the highly anticipated showdown between Jimmy and Jey should finish with both men rejoicing, and rekindling their relationship:

“I can only pray for our father that they go out there, perform, and be able to walk out there and walk back. I would love to see them walk back together. I would love to see my boys at WrestleMania 40 walk back together holding hands so that story can close…”

Whilst it’s incredibly wholesome that Rikishi sees this as the perfect finish, this isn’t far off from what many fans have been pitching on social media. Seeing The Usos embrace following the match would receive an earth-shattering ovation. The Usos reforming on the grand stage would also add an extra layer of intrigue and interest to the Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes night two main event.

Whilst Rikishi seems incredibly excited for the Uso vs. Uso match, he does have some concerns. Rikishi’s concern mainly comes down to time constraints, and he hopes that WWE give the match efficient time on the card:

"… I'm hoping that they don't mess with the boys' time because everybody tries to get in. That's a no-no. If you're on before me and I know that you got 10 minutes and this is the biggest show on Earth and your a** go out there and go 13 minutes, now you done plugged into my three minutes…”

Rikishi may have reason to be concerned, as it has been a trend in past WrestleMania events that matches have been cut for time. Thankfully, due to WrestleMania now being a two-night event, WWE should be able to time the show more effectively, so every match on the card should be given enough time.

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