TNA's KiLynn King Suffers Major Knee Injury

1/20/2024 11:28 AM

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TNA's KiLynn King Suffers Major Knee Injury

TNA's KiLynn King Suffers Major Knee Injury

January 20, 2024 11:28 AM
TNA's KiLynn King Suffers Major Knee Injury
Wrestling News

The former Knockouts World Tag Team Champions will miss the remainder of 2024.

TNA’s KiLynn King will miss an extended period of in-ring action, having suffered extensive damage to her knee.

Taking to Instagram, the one-time Knockouts World Tag Team Champion revealed having suffered a dislocated knee in her latest match, which led to a torn ACL, a sprained LCL, and general damage to her MCL. She noted her recovery time as being around nine to twelve months, though insisted she wouldn’t rush things.

Per KiLynn:

“So I just wanted to come on here really quick and talk to you guys because a lot of people have been DMing me or tagging me online just asking where I was in Vegas, if I’m still working with TNA, so on and so forth. Yes, I am still working with TNA but unfortunately, about a month ago, I got injured. I temporarily dislocated my knee in a match, which caused my LCL to get sprained, damage to my MCL, and I tore my ACL. If you know anything about knees, you know no bueno. I kinda went silent for a little bit and didn’t make a post about it because, quite frankly, I needed to process it. I was a little bit in denial about it… but I’ve processed it. Once I started processing it, I just needed some answers, I wanted to talk to my orthopaedic, I wanted to get some physical therapy under my belt, and just start to feel a little bit better and have a little bit more of a game plan.
So I just saw my ortho this week, I’m walking again which is great, I have surgery scheduled for the first week of February, and then we’ll figure it out from there. We’re looking from anywhere from nine to twelve months [out of the ring], my goal is nine to ten months, but these things can’t be rushed because in order for me to come back stronger [and] better, I have to take my time. It sucks because I had a lot of goals for myself this year, coming off the verge of winning the One To Watch [award], I felt that energy coming into 2024, I said this year is gonna be my year, but every single person that I’ve talked to that has had this injury happen have all said the same thing; “Everything happens for a reason”. I don’t know what that reason is yet, I would really love to know, but I have faith, I just need to believe that there is a larger picture here, and I’m just gonna stay motivated. Motivated as hell to get back in that ring because I’ve been through hell and back to get into professional wrestling. This ain’t gonna stop me.”

The injury is understood to have come during an appearance for the Orlando-based Mayhem On Mills promotion, where she wrestled on December 17 against Eli Knight. King hasn’t wrestled for TNA since the post-Bound For Glory tapings on October 22. She tagged with Steve Maclin in a loss to Jordynne Grace and Bully Ray in a match aired November 16.

KiLynn King Joined Taylor Wilde For Her TNA Debut

Having previously made waves in both All Elite Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance, KiLynn King debuted for TNA in December 2022, losing to Taylor Wilde on a Before The IMPACT broadcast, however, she later signed on full-time with the Anthem-helmed promotion, aligning herself with Wilde in The Coven. Together, they held the Knockouts World Tag Team Championships once, racking up 139 days. King later disbanded the duo, laying out Wilde in a backstage assault.

Wrestlelamia wishes KiLynn all the best in her recovery.

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