Top WWE Star Spotted In Glasgow

6/15/2024 6:05 PM

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Top WWE Star Spotted In Glasgow

Top WWE Star Spotted In Glasgow

June 15, 2024 6:05 PM
Top WWE Star Spotted In Glasgow
WWE News

Having been out of action since January, this WWE Superstar may have a role to play at Clash At The Castle: Glasgow…

CM Punk has been spotted in Glasgow, Scotland ahead of this evening’s (June 15) Clash At The Castle event from the OVO Hydro.

Numerous photos have circulated around social media showing fans snapping a selfie with the out-of-action ‘Voice of the Voiceless’, including a handful of photos that displayed CM Punk shopping for Celtic merchandise. Celtic, for the uninitiated, are the perceived biggest football club in Scotland. The second-biggest? Rangers, who boast Drew McIntyre amongst their fanbase. This has fuelled speculation that a Celtic t-shirt-adorned CM Punk may cost ‘The Scottish Warrior’ his World Heavyweight Championship match vs. Damian Priest, which is scheduled to headline the inaugural Premium Live Event in Scotland.

CM Punk has been absent from in-ring competition since becoming the runner-up in the 2024 men’s Royal Rumble match, succumbing to Cody Rhodes in what was Punk’s first televised WWE match in a decade. It was reported two days later that Punk, who had been penned for a WrestleMania title match vs. Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins, had torn his triceps, ruling him out of ‘Mania. He instead provided commentary for Rollins’ title defence on WrestleMania 40’s second night, where he dropped the World Heavyweight Championship to Drew McIntyre, who in turn lost the belt to Damian Priest. ‘The Punisher’ cashed in Money in the Bank after McIntyre had become distracted and subsequently attacked by CM Punk.

Drew McIntyre: “[CM] Punk And I Did Have Issues”

CM Punk and Drew McIntyre have been destined for a showdown together from the minute McIntyre attacked the injured Punk on the post-Royal Rumble Raw. Speaking to The West Australian ahead of Elimination Chamber: Perth back in February, Drew McIntyre detailed the legitimate issues between he and Punk, and why he wanted to blur the lines between kayfabe and reality:

“I think this is gonna be a heck of a moment and I want to build him up, build Punk up, about I can relate to him and say truthful things. Everything for me has gotta be based in truth, for me and the character. Because if it’s real to me, it’s real to everybody else and you’ll feel it. Punk and I did have issues when I was younger. All of that stuff’s true. I went in there and told him, ‘I’ve been through injuries, I’ve had moments taken away from me because of it and I can understand that’. He spoke about one of his friends going through chemotherapy and how that’s a real hero, and I said I can relate to that.”

Drew McIntyre challenges Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship in just over an hour’s time on WWE Clash At The Castle: Scotland.

H/T to WrestleZone.