Triple H Fires Back At Criticism

9/27/2023 1:23 PM

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Triple H Fires Back At Criticism

Triple H Fires Back At Criticism

September 27, 2023 1:23 PM
Triple H Fires Back At Criticism

Triple H makes a compelling point.

Triple H has been involved in a ton of negativity and criticism surrounding the booking of the SummerSlam match card. Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus was reportedly cut from the card due to “time constraints”, and surprisingly, The Game would try to address why he made the decision to cut the match at the post-SummerSlam press conference:

“My take on that is the same as it’s always been, I don’t see the difference. I see the women in WWE like I look at the men in WWE. They’re talent and it’s irrelevant to me if they’re male or female. I put the same amount of thought and process and are just looking for the things that are delivering in the moment. When women main event WrestleMania, they were the main event of WrestleMania”.

“We didn’t make them anything. If they were the main event, it’s because they’re the main event. Not because” Hey that’s pretty good you guys are women, I think I’ll get better press if I put you in the main event, that’s cool right?” No, it’s not. It’s whoever is the most deserving, there’s always going to be criticism of what we do.”

The Game also discussed the fact that he left a US Title match off the card, meaning that Austin Theory was just another name in the SummerSlam Battle Royal:

“When you creatively have enough talent and enough storylines that you could do two full days of WrestleMania, when you pull back to one show time-wise, it’s very clearly no matter what show it is, you cannot put everyone on that show.”

“I try to have that conversation with talent all the time, obviously, if you are talent when the bigger PLEs come around or what is perceived as the bigger PLEs, that’s the show you wanna be on, but not everyone can be on that PLE because when tonight’s show, which is now over, four weeks from now, we’re gonna be at Backlash, five weeks after that we’re gonna be at Fastlane.”

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