Tyson Kidd Rules Out In-Ring Return

11/9/2023 11:40 AM

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Tyson Kidd Rules Out In-Ring Return

Tyson Kidd Rules Out In-Ring Return

November 9, 2023 11:40 AM
Tyson Kidd Rules Out In-Ring Return
WWE News

Kidd is content in his current role...

In 2015, a freak accident in the ring led to Tyson Kidd retiring indefinitely.

Whilst this was a huge blow for WWE, Kidd has since been working as a producer for the company, and he produces the majority of the top women’s matches seen on WWE programming.

During an appearance on Chris Van Vliet’s, Insight, Kidd discussed the possibility of wrestling again, and Kidd shut the idea down, and Kidd explained why taking a bump again could be problematic:

"I know they say never say never, but I've been saying never for the last eight years. No, the truth is I can do probably, in some things, 99% of the move I just can't do the actual bump. And I'm sure I could maybe take a couple [of bumps] but at what cost? I don't know, I haven't taken one… I am very fortunate, I enjoy my work as a producer. If I didn't and if I didn't have that outlet, then I could understand why I'd then maybe try taking a bump and see how that felt and kind of go from there. But I'm very blessed and luckily I don't have to go down that avenue so I don't think, no I know I'm not going to."

Kidd then referenced fans on social media seeing him train in the ring, and how this could potentially lead to fans thinking he could wrestle once more:

"I get that. I get those messages a lot, and I get that mindset. I understand where that comes from. I believe Steve Austin has the second-highest, at least in terms of WWE wrestlers, as to how high their fusion is. His was C3 and C4. Most are C5 and C6 or C6 and C7. Mine was C1 and C2. The very top two vertebrae in your body, mine are fused. That's the difference."

Finally, Kidd discussed the comparisons between his injury, and the notable injury suffered by Stone Cold back in 1997:

"One of the benefits of joining 'The Broken Neck Club' as I refer to it, is that Steve Austin becomes a friend of yours. He reaches out to you and he texts and you get phone calls all the time. I posted a picture and within 20 minutes, Austin was either calling me or texting me and he was like 'Kid why are they going through the back? Why not the front?' And I explained to him 'Steve, it's the equivalent, where they went is the equivalent of my mouth.' That's where my fusion is. It's adjacent to my mouth."

H/T – SE Scoops.