Undertaker Set For Summerslam

9/27/2023 1:22 PM

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Undertaker Set For Summerslam

Undertaker Set For Summerslam

September 27, 2023 1:22 PM
Undertaker Set For Summerslam

The Deadman Is Back

While The Undertaker is retired, he still casts a huge shadow over the WWE, appearing at WWE events. Now, PWInsider is reporting that “The Phenom” will appear at SummerSlam (although as you probably suspect, it’s not in a wrestling role):

The Undertaker is slated to be in Detroit for SummerSlam weekend, PWInsider.com has confirmed. Of note, the WWE Hall of Famer is not slated to perform his One Deadman Show in Detroit the weekend of 8/4.

USA Today’s Rob Wolkenbrod has an interesting theory on what ‘Taker might be doing in Detroit when the WWE comes to town:

WWE is holding a tryout camp in Detroit and is likely to film material for the WWE Network, PW Insider adds. The Undertaker previously said he discussed the idea of working with future WWE talents at the Performance Center, so it’s possible he is there to help at the tryouts. It would make sense to bring cameras to film if he’s there, to make the tryouts a bigger spectacle and for potential use on the WWE Network in a documentary or other storytelling form.

It’s always possible that ‘Taker could appear in a backstage or even in-ring segment at SummerSlam but the WWE appears to keep these segments to a minimum in order to make them special when they happen.

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