Update On MJF's AEW Status

1/7/2024 11:29 AM

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Update On MJF's AEW Status

Update On MJF's AEW Status

January 7, 2024 11:29 AM
Update On MJF's AEW Status
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The plot thickens...

One of the biggest stories of the past week relates to former AEW World Champion, MJF.

MJF was removed from the AEW roster page on January 1, and Tony Khan has now been asked during an interview on Going Ringside, if MJF has left the company. Khan had a peculiar response, that seemed to imply that MJF has yet to re-sign, and is currently a free agent:

"I can say that MJF certainly has been a great part of AEW for the first five years. And through those five years, certainly, he's been one of our great homegrown stars...and he's somebody we really value and I would love to have MJF in AEW in the future, should the contractual situation allow…Certainly MJF is somebody we would love to have an AEW going forward. And he's been a great wrestler and a great champion for us."

There are still reports that AEW are working a storyline, and MJF has already re-signed with AEW.

As things stand, MJF is taking time away to heal nagging injuries, and we will likely know more information on MJF’s AEW status in the coming months.

Tony Khan Addresses Huge WWE Rumor

Speaking of Tony Khan’s interview on Going Inside, Khan was asked to comment on the rumblings surrounding WWE potentially becoming a part of the Warner Bros Discovery network:

“Scott, it's part of sports. I mean, I think everybody discusses contracts and free agency and things of that nature. You know, I think everybody's aware that everybody's going to be talking to everybody in media this coming year. So there'll be certainly a lot of opportunities. And I think, you know, we've had a great history with Warner Brothers Discovery [and] continued to produce great ratings. So I think we'll be in a very good position next year."

Khan doesn’t seem too concerned that AEW and WWE could potentially be under the same umbrella when it comes to TV rights.

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