Vince McMahon Won't Have Last Word in New Documentary About Him

10/17/2023 5:20 PM

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Vince McMahon Won't Have Last Word in New Documentary About Him

Vince McMahon Won't Have Last Word in New Documentary About Him

October 17, 2023 5:20 PM
Vince McMahon Won't Have Last Word in New Documentary About Him
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Will McMahon Be Displeased with Final Cut?

Looks like Mr. McMahon won't have the last word in Netflix's upcoming documentary profiling him. At least that's what the documentary's executive producer Bill Simmons is saying. Simmons recently spoke at the Bloomberg Screentime event. Here's what Simmons had to say:

“We have this Vince McMahon documentary that we've been working on for three years, I think has a chance to be really great. I really think it has a chance to be the best one I've been involved with, and I'll be interested to see what people think about that one because it took a lot of time and it was one where Netflix still has final cut of it and it's a little more old school like with the 30 for 30 model. And I think it has a chance to be really special. He gets to see it, but he doesn't get to change anything.”

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Will This Documentary Cover Vince's Accomplishments and His Mistakes?

One of the big questions is how deeply the documentary will examine McMahon’s life, including the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. While there have been articles and books about McMahon’s life, there hasn’t been much about McMahon’s life when it comes to mainstream documentaries.

While some wrestling fans are familiar with McMahon’s business and personal life, the WWE presents a different account than the public record. Anyone who has watched a WWE produced documentary knows the WWE downplays the negative side of McMahon. While that isn’t unexpected (not many people are eager to embrace their shortcomings), the picture the WWE has presented of McMahon has been laughable to those familiar with the details of his life.

The WWE has its official version of wrestling history, that is, The Wrestling World According to Vince McMahon. Again, this is nothing unusual in the business world as good things are talked up while bad things are swept under the rug.

Does Final Cut Mean Anything in the Big Picture?

Simmons' claim that McMahon has no say in the final cut shouldn't be taken as evidence Vince had no say in what went into the documentary. The WWE is working with Netflix on this which suggests they had some say in it. While this is speculation, it's possible that the WWE agreed to cooperate on the project that certain things would not be discussed.

As cliched as it sounds, only time will tell what is in the final product. Will it be a whitewashed account of McMahon, an up-close-and-personal examination of his life, or somewhere in the middle?

While there are likely some people who would like to see a hit-piece on McMahon, a balanced and critical look at his life would be refreshing.

What do you think? Will this Netflix documentary offer any new insights into McMahon? Will it take a critical look at his accomplishments and his mistakes?