What Was Triple H's Major Announcement?

1/5/2024 2:07 AM

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What Was Triple H's Major Announcement?

What Was Triple H's Major Announcement?

January 5, 2024 2:07 AM
What Was Triple H's Major Announcement?
WWE News

"The Game" Had "Big Announcement" for WWE 2024 Preview Special

What was Triple H's major announcement on the WWE 2024 Preview Special? Turns out it was nothing new to fans who watched WrestleLamia's recent news video or caught the announcement at the WWE's corporate web page this morning.

The WWE's Chief Content Officer Triple H also tweeted the news:

Some fans expected Triple H to announce that the WWE is working with TNA Wrestling. As noted in a previous article here, there were other possible announcements too.

Were There Any Big Stories on the WWE Special?

There were two announcements made during the show. However, they weren't anything earth-shattering or big for that matter. WWE.com tweeted the news that:

The WWE mishandled this big announcement. It should have saved it for the Peacock special. Announcing two entrants in The Royal Rumble is a routine matter that is usually handled on WWE TV.

Triple H's "big announcement" was a disappointment and seemed like a stunt to juice Peacock's streaming numbers for the WWE special. While Triple H has a good reputation with many WWE fans, he can't afford to lose the fans' goodwill by stunts like this. It's unknown if Triple H had any role in the decision to hype his announcement. If he did, the blame is on him. If he didn't, it's a bad move by TKO-Holdings' managment.

Do you think Triple H's announcement was worth the wait?