What's Happening With The Wyatt 6?

5/26/2024 11:29 AM

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What's Happening With The Wyatt 6?

What's Happening With The Wyatt 6?

May 26, 2024 11:29 AM
What's Happening With The Wyatt 6?
WWE News

What's going on?!

Whilst the King and Queen of the Ring PLE was a massive success for WWE last night in terms of fan reception, there was some disappointment that the show failed to feature the debut of the new Uncle Howdy faction.

It was rumoured and suggested that the stable would debut on the show, as one of the QR codes was pointing towards the date of the event, but of course, the group failed to show up.

WWE did air yet another QR code during Bronson Reed’s entrance, and the QR code leads to a video of a dial-up connection being established. It then shows a person playing a WWE video game before the person then hears a noise outside. A figure then materialises, before the connection on the video cuts out.

The direct link for the QR code had the word Rainerius at the end of it. This was a saint who died June 17th, 1161. June 17th would be the Monday Night Raw after Clash at the Castle next month. Is this the new date in which the faction will debut on screen? Time will tell.

During the kick-off show, Michael Cole’s voice became distorted when he said the name ‘Cody Rhodes’, and this has led to speculation that Bo Dallas AKA Uncle Howdy is going to feud with The American Nightmare. If WWE go down this route, then it’s a huge risk, as Uncle Howdy can’t afford to lose his first match in the company, and obviously, WWE have no plans for Rhodes to drop the title.