Who Should Gunther Lose to at WrestleMania 40?

1/31/2024 3:31 AM

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Who Should Gunther Lose to at WrestleMania 40?

Who Should Gunther Lose to at WrestleMania 40?

January 31, 2024 3:31 AM
Who Should Gunther Lose to at WrestleMania 40?
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Who Deserves the Rub?

Who should Gunther lose to at WrestleMania 40? That's the question WrestleLamia is posing following the news that Brock Lesnar may be done with the WWE. Rumor has it that the WWE was going to book Brock against Gunther at this year's "Showcase of the Immortals," a dream match that's been discussed since 2022.

While it's possible "The Ring General" could face Seth Rollins (depending on whether Cody Rhodes opts to wrestle Roman Reigns or not), what if Seth wrestles someone else?

It's Time to Take the Title Away

First, the WWE needs to take the Intercontinental Championship off Gunther. The big man's record-length title reign has been impressive. He's defeated everyone who has challenged him, usually in convincing fashion. "The Ring General" has faced some stiff competition too including former world champions Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and Kofi Kingston.

By now, you'd think the WWE would be happy with Gunther establishing his credentials as a dominant champion. The next step would be to put Gunther into a main event program, either a feud or a shot at a world championship. However, the WWE seems reluctant to take the belt off him. It's a baffling situation and reminiscent of the WWE's obsession with keeping the Undisputed Championship around Roman Reigns' waist.

Is the WWE concerned that Gunther is the type of wrestler who needs a championship to get over? Could it be the WWE just doesn't know how to book him without a belt? Whatever the reason, it's time to take the title (which in some respects might be analogous to training wheels) off Gunther and see how he does without a belt. this doesn't mean he can't win another belt, but it's vital that the WWE find out how he fares without a belt and how the fans will react if he loses an occasional match.

Who Should Take the Title?

The important question is, who should get the title? The WWE likely booked Gunther's record reign for three reasons: 1) to put him over as a wrestling machine; 2) to elevate the Intercontinental Championship; and 3) to give the rub to whoever defeats Gunther for the title.

Whoever beats Gunther should be in line for a major push. This wrestler shouldn't drop the title immediately. Neither should they be a fluke champion who is booked as a comedy act. The Intercontinental Championship has become rehabilitated, and it should be seen as a stepping stone to one of the WWE's world championships. Most likely, Gunther's next step will be to begin campaigning for a world title.

That's why the WWE should consider putting the belt on a younger star or an overlooked veteran it's considering giving a solid push to. Here are some candidates:

Bron Breakker: Bron Breakker has been due for a main roster call-up for some time. Unless there's something about his ability the WWE isn't certain of, it's time to bring him up. Breakker doesn't need a dominant win over Gunther, but he should show something that makes him special. What is it about him that allowed him to defeat the man so many wrestlers couldn't overcome?

Xavier Woods: This may seem like an odd choice but Xavier Woods is a New Day member who has been vying for a world championship for some time. The reality is that he may never get it but he would make an incredible Intercontinental Champion. Xavier could speed and skill to overcome Gunther, outsmarting the man nicknamed "The Ring General." 

Chad Gable: Although Chad Gable has lost to Gunther, what about Gunther forcing Gable to put his career on the line for one last shot? Can Gable do what he couldn't do before? Naturally, he will and he can also use the skills that overcame Gunther to become a long-reigning champion (although he doesn't need a record-setting reign).

By now, you're probably already thinking over more choices to defeat Gunther. Who would you like to see defeat Gunther at WrestleMania 40?