Why Jon Moxley Should Win The Continental Classic

12/29/2023 5:39 AM

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Why Jon Moxley Should Win The Continental Classic

Why Jon Moxley Should Win The Continental Classic

December 29, 2023 5:39 AM
Why Jon Moxley Should Win The Continental Classic
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Why the former AEW World Champion should win the Continental Classic instead.

The finals have been set! Jon Moxley will battle Eddie Kingston in the Continental Classic finals at the upcoming AEW Worlds End this Saturday. Given the momentum of Swerve Strickland and Bryan Danielson, it didn’t seem like those two would end up in the finals. However, the booking of the Continental Classic has been a good one. On paper, the match is a really good idea. 

In terms of execution, as much of a success as the Continental Classic has been, it would’ve been great to play up the complex history between the former AEW World Champion and his ex-best friend. Even though the tournament comes off as an underdog story designed to elevate Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley should be the man to win the Continental Classic. 


The Rich History Of Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston’s journey in AEW has been a unique one. The ROH World Heavyweight Champion made a lasting impression by answering Cody Rhodes’s open challenge based off of one incredible promo. Kingston doesn’t look like your model professional wrestler; he doesn’t have the stereotypical wrestling body nor is he the pretty boy type that’s usually flashed on screen. But that’s what makes his character so relatable. 

A man who had a rough upbringing is working his butt off to achieve his dream. Kingston’s story is quite inspiring, and it helps that the guy is the complete package when it comes to wrestling and promo ability. His friendship with Moxley has felt organic because these two come from a similar background. 

Their brief feud in 2020 resulted in a strong build with an impressive I Quit match that headlined Full Gear. Their story came full circle at Revolution 2021 after the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match. While the explosion itself was a huge blunder, the story of Kingston saving Moxley was a great one. That was put on a back burner for a bit when the former AEW World Champion joined the Blackpool Combat Club, though they did cross paths earlier this year as rivals once again. 

One thing that AEW has done so well is tell the story between these two men. While I was originally rooting for Swerve Strickland to win, the decision to go back to Kingston and Moxley was a smart one. It’s just a shame that the tournament took more of the spotlight than the actual story between these two. 


Why Jon Moxley Should Win The Continental Classic

Moxley is a STAR already, so he doesn’t need to win. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if Kingston emerged victorious at Worlds End. All the pieces of the puzzle are there for Kingston’s win to feel earned. But a hero’s journey is never easy, and having Kingston lose one more time sets up something interesting for both men in 2024.

Ultimately, Kingston should beat Jon Moxley for the belts at a later date. However, AEW has barely scratched the surface of this feud. Allow Jon Moxley to win and hype up the anticipation for Kingston’s comeback. I remember that CM Punk stated that Moxley suggested that their build be similar to Rocky III; I strongly advise against squashing Kingston at Worlds End, especially since their previous battles haven’t suggested that he was vastly inferior to the former AEW World Champion.

The idea of Kingston falling once again is a classic story that works like a charm. Eddie is already massively over with the crowd, but saving his huge win for a big pay-per-view like Revolution or Double or Nothing can make this one of the best stories the company has told in years. There’s so much juice in this story that can add depth to each man’s character. Plus, a story of this nature can also help the supporting players surrounding Moxley and Kingston.


This Can Also Help The AEW Roster As A Whole

AEW has had some hits in 2023, but there’s no denying there’s been a lack of storyline cohesion in a good majority of their feuds. AEW NEEDS a story similar to the Bloodline saga. Kingston vs. Moxley can be it. I don’t mean that their arc has to copy and paste everything the Bloodline has done. I mean that it can branch out to different feuds because of Kingston’s journey to climb back to the top. Possible side stories like Moxley’s dynamic with the Blackpool Combat Club can finally give the group some true purpose that hasn’t been defined in quite some time. Or Kingston fighting tooth and nail up the roster just to prove his worth. Whether you love him or hate him, Moxley is a compelling presence. 

The guy has the gift of a gab and isn’t afraid to put others over when necessary. His star power will quickly legitimize the Continental Championship and any of the lesser names on the roster. Moxley winning isn’t the popular choice.  I won’t be mad if he loses as it makes sense based on the history of these two. But in the long run, there’s more money in saving Eddie Kingston's big win at one of the bigger AEW shows.