Will John Cena Take On New WWE Role?

1/25/2024 9:25 AM

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Will John Cena Take On New WWE Role?

Will John Cena Take On New WWE Role?

January 25, 2024 9:25 AM
Will John Cena Take On New WWE Role?
WWE News

The WWE Legend appeared on Logan Paul's podcast...

WWE legend, John Cena appeared on IMPAULSIVE this week, and the former WWE Champion discussed a range of topics.

One of the key topics Cena and Logan Paul discussed was whether or not Cena would transition into an Executive/Corporate role once he retires, and as always, Cena had a fair yet honest response:

"I live very close to the Performance Center and I would like to go in as a guest. That way, I'm not obligated and they're not obligated in any way. It's stuff I do on my free time anyway, I love going in just picking people's brains, having conversations about like, 'So who are you?' They're like, 'What does that have to do anything?' 'Oh, only everything. Let's talk.' I enjoy that, doing half a day there and then going back to normal life…”

Cena continued by saying:

β€œI'm fortunate enough to have some other stuff going on so I'll be focusing on that too. But, I always want to be involved in the business. I get so passionate about it and it's something that I love and I think I have a few pieces of wisdom that need to be passed on and I don't think they should die with me. So I'll try to do that the best I can.”

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