Will Nick Aldis Be Wrestling?

6/18/2024 8:21 PM

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Will Nick Aldis Be Wrestling?

Will Nick Aldis Be Wrestling?

June 18, 2024 8:21 PM
Will Nick Aldis Be Wrestling?
WWE News

A positive update.

Since signing with WWE, Nick Aldis has taken on the role of SmackDown General Manager, and Aldis has also worked as a WWE producer.

Aldis has excelled in the role, but fans have been clamouring to see Aldis step in the ring.

Aldis was asked about this during a recent interview with Gorilla Position, and this is what the former TNA World Champion had to say:

"Sure. It’s tough to answer this simply because I don’t want to ever give the impression that I’m trying to angle for something or go into something for myself. It’s unavoidable. I’ve seen a ton of sentiment from fans ‘we want to see you wrestle this guy.’ I appreciate all that. It’s not something I have any control or influence over. it’s very much a case of, when Paul [Triple H] and I first started speaking, I made it very clear that ‘I want to be part of the team and contribute in whatever way you think is best.’ If, at some point, [getting in the ring] is best then great….”

Aldis continued:

“The GM conversation was the shortest conversation of my career. Bruce (Prichard) called me, ‘General Manager of SmackDown.’ ‘Great, when do I start?’ They laid out the terms and money, ‘All sounds great, let’s do it.’ Immediately, I said to my wife [Mickie James], ‘I’m going to try and be the best GM of all time.’ That’s all you can do.”

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