Wrestling Is On Fire Right Now

9/27/2023 1:22 PM

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Wrestling Is On Fire Right Now

Wrestling Is On Fire Right Now

September 27, 2023 1:22 PM
Wrestling Is On Fire Right Now

This is Awesome News

“Dirty Dom’s” ratings bonanza on NXT is just one example of how wrestling is doing well in the ratings. Dave Meltzer recently tweeted:


           You may recall that the “Trial of Tribal Chief” episode of SmackDown scored sensational numbers in the demographic, making it the #1 entertainment show not only on cable but on all TV that week. This led to FOX recategorizing SmackDown as entertainment rather than sports, a move that could help FOX with advertisers as it can boast of having a top-rated entertainment show. While SmackDown’s ratings have been on the rise for the last year, it tends to perform less well against sports programming.

           While wrestling shows are enjoying renewed interest, it’s important that all promotions strive to create storylines that retain viewers when football returns in September. One good bit of news is that the current writers and actors strike means there will likely be less entertainment programming to compete against unless the networks stumble across something novel, much as reality shows like Survivor did when they debuted.

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