WWE 2K24: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

1/23/2024 4:09 PM

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WWE 2K24: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

WWE 2K24: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

January 23, 2024 4:09 PM
WWE 2K24: EVERYTHING You Need To Know
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Cover stars, release dates, 40 Years of WrestleMania, and FOUR new match types?!

WWE 2K22 was good.

WWE 2K23 was great.

WWE 2K24 could be legendary.

Officially confirmed by WWE and 2K with a trailer and cover star reveal on Monday, January 22, the game, which will mark a decade of the WWE-2K relationship, is the series’ biggest fan-service model yet. The inclusion of multiple new, desired match types, numerous changes to gameplay, and the 40 Years of WrestleMania mode - itself a hark back to WWE 2K14’s 30 Years of WrestleMania - are just the tip of the iceberg for what promises to be one of the all-time great WWE video games.

But what about prices? Confirmed Superstars? Updates to pre-existing game modes? Here at Wrestlelamia, we have all the information you NEED to know ahead of the game’s release!

Who Is This Year’s Cover Star?


WWE 2K24 sees Cody Rhodes gracing the cover, joining the likes of John Cena and Rey Mysterio in video game immortality. ‘The American Nightmare’ will be the face for the standard edition of the game, noting to WWE that being a video game cover star was high on his list of goals:

“I’ve been known to keep a checklist of key milestones I want to experience on the path to finishing my story. As an avid gamer, being named WWE 2K cover Superstar is very, very close to the top of that list and I’m very happy to work with the teams at 2K and Visual Concepts to bring that dream to life.”

Players purchasing the Deluxe Edition of WWE 2K24 will receive a copy adorned with Bianca Belair and reigning Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley, marking the first WWE video game to feature an all-women’s cover. Both noted how proud they were to hold that accolade amongst their lengthy list of achievements.

Finally, the 40 Years of WrestleMania Edition sees a horde of iconic WrestleMania performers take to the front, including ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, and Roman Reigns.

When Is The Release Date?


Gamers won’t have to wait long to get their hands on WWE 2K24 as its release is scheduled for Friday, March 8. Those purchasing either the Deluxe or 40 Years of WrestleMania Editions will receive three-day early access, available to play from Tuesday, March 5.

What’s Included In Each Edition?


Ordering the Standard Edition of the game provides a copy of WWE 2K24 on your chosen console. The Standard Edition retails for $59.99 on eighth-generation consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) and PC, and $69.99 for ninth-generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S).

The Standard Cross-Gen Digital Edition gives players the ability to play WWE 2K24 on either eighth or ninth-generation consoles, while also offering a copy of WWE 2K23, the highest-rated WWE video game per Metacritic. The Standard Cross-Gen Digital Edition retails for $69.99.

Going one step further, the Deluxe Edition will also provide players with the WWE 2K24 Season Pass (all five post-launch DLC packs to be determined), the MyRISE Mega-Boost and Supercharger, and gold MyFACTION cards and alternative attires for Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley. The Deluxe Edition retails for $99.99.

If you stump up the funds for the 40 Years of Wrestling Edition, you’ll receive, in addition to the Deluxe Edition incentives, ‘Macho King’ Randy Savage’s WrestleMania 6 attire, Rey Mysterio’s WrestleMania 22 attire, Triple H’s WrestleMania 30 attire, Charlotte Flair’s WrestleMania 33 attire, and Rhea Ripley’s WrestleMania 36 attire, alongside gold MyFACTION cards for each, instant unlocking of all 40 Years of WrestleMania Showcase characters, and the WrestleMania 40 arena, which will be available post-launch. The 40 Years of WrestleMania Edition retails for $119.99.

Furthermore, pre-ordering ANY edition of the game will gain access to the Nightmare Family Pack, which contains Cody Rhodes’ ‘Undashing’ alternate attire, Stardust, a 1976-era Dusty Rhodes, and ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham, who makes his WWE games debut. Gold MyFACTION cards for a bruised Mattel Cody Rhodes and Cody’s dog, Pharoah, are also included.

Any edition of the game ordered by April 14 will also offer gamers a one-month subscription to Peacock, though this must be redeemed by May 31.

Standard Edition - ÂŁ59.99
Standard Cross-Gen Digital Edition - ÂŁ64.99
Deluxe Edition - ÂŁ89.99
40 Years of WrestleMania Edition - ÂŁ104.99

What Game Modes Are There?


2K Showcase returns in WWE 2K24, centred on 40 Years of WrestleMania. Similarly to WWE 2K14, the mode will allow players to re-create several legendary WrestleMania matches, from Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant’s tussle over the WWF WrestleMania from 1987 through to Cody Rhodes’ quest to finish the story against Roman Reigns in 2023. Currently confirmed matches are below:

  • WWF Championship: Hulk Hogan (c) vs. Andre The Giant - WrestleMania 3
  • WWF Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Razor Ramon - WrestleMania 10
  • No Holds Barred Submissions Match: Bret Hart vs. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin - WrestleMania 13
  • The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels - WrestleMania 25
  • Undisputed WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Cody Rhodes - WrestleMania 39

Improvements have been to MyGM, reintroduced in WWE 2K22, with the addition of new brands (including ECW), new general managers, the ability to scout talent, Superstar trading between brands, contract management, and the newly-introduced Superstar Journey option that, per WWE’s official write-up, will see Superstars “level up and gain benefits” as MyGM progresses.

MyRISE this year will again see both a men’s and a women’s route, titled Undisputed and Unleashed, respectively, with Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and Mick Foley amongst the Superstars confirmed to be providing voiceover work for the mode. It has also been confirmed that original MyRISE characters and unlockables will also carry over into other game modes.

MyFACTION features a wide array of new functions, including a direct purchase card market and a Faction Wars-centric reward shop. Playing the mode online has also been expanded with the addition of ranked QuickPlay matches, complete with a seasonal leaderboard.

In Universe Mode, several new cutscenes have reportedly been captured, as well as support for Special Guest Referee matches, double championship contests, and a brand new Loser Leaves Town stipulation. Rivalries have been expanded, too, with more options added for run-ins and Money in the Bank cash-ins.

Are There Any New Match Types?


As had been heavily teased ahead of the January 22 reveal, WWE 2K24 offers FOUR new match types; Ambulance match, Casket match, Gauntlet match, and Special Guest Referee match.

In a Screen Rant-conducted interview with creative director Lynell Jinks and associate gameplay producer Bryan Williams, several details were provided on these match types, including the ability to use both the ambulance and the casket as weapons and confirmation that the Gauntlet match will have three variations, though they weren’t directly named.

The Special Guest Referee match, though features a wide array of changes from the last time the stipulation was featured in-game:

“Yeah, I can speak on the new match types this year. So, for years now, the fans have been requesting and asking for a return of the Special Guest Referee match. And when you talk about chaos, this match is chaos personified when you have - whether it's the AI-controlled ref that's showing favour to one superstar over the other, or a buddy, or someone you're playing online with, it is another human player is the referee. And giving them the power to officiate an entire match and to call for a DQ when a DQ wasn't warranted, or to say that someone tapped out when they didn't. The level of chaos that you mentioned and anarchy in the match is definitely present, although you can also play as an aboveboard referee, but what's the fun in that? You want to cause a little mayhem.”

Further updates to existing match types include Royal Rumble matches having support for up to eight players in thirty-man/woman Rumbles online, as well as four-player support for Backstage Brawls. The latter also features a revamped interactive area, with a working elevator, throwable sodas, and REAL GLASS.

What About Gameplay?


General gameplay-wise, 2K and Visual Concepts have implemented a slew of new mechanics that will make playing virtual matches more like the simulation they’re intended to be. Super Finishers, a Trading Blows mini-game, and the ability to dive onto a gaggle of Superstars stationed at ringside are chief among them. Details thus far are sparse, though Super Finishers can only be used after storing three finishers and drastically reduce the chances of your opponent kicking out.

New weapons have also been introduced, including the guitar, the trash can, and the microphone, while weapons can also be thrown at an opponent. This hasn’t been a feature since the 2010-released SmackDown vs. Raw 2011.

Seven real WWE referees are confirmed to be joining the game, too, seemingly in place of the pre-existing generic referees. Thus far, only Daphanie LaShaunn has been confirmed, with her reaction via Twitter/X proving to be rather heartwarming:

Who’s In?


WWE 2K24 will feature a roster of over 200 Superstars, the base for any modern WWE game, and thus far, a horde of both current and legendary WWE Superstars has already been confirmed. Per TheSmackDownHotel:

  • Andre The Giant
  • Asuka
  • Austin Theory
  • Batista
  • Becky Lynch
  • Bianca Belair
  • Bobby Heenan (NPC manager)
  • Bret Hart
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Bron Breakker
  • Carmelo Hayes
  • Charlotte Flair WrestleMania 33 (40 Years of WrestleMania Edition)
  • Chyna
  • Cody Rhodes
  • Cody Rhodes 'Undashing' (pre-order bonus)
  • Cody Rhodes bruised Mattel figure (pre-order bonus)
  • Cora Jade
  • Damian Priest
  • 'Dirty' Dominik Mysterio
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Dusty Rhodes '76 (pre-order bonus)
  • Gigi Dolin
  • Hulk Hogan
  • John Cena
  • Karrion Kross
  • Kevin Nash
  • Kevin Owens
  • Kofi Kingston
  • Kurt Angle
  • LA Knight
  • Michin
  • The Miz
  • Randy Orton
  • Randy Savage
  • Randy Savage WrestleMania 6 (40 Years of WrestleMania Edition)
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Rey Mysterio WrestleMania 22 (40 Years of WrestleMania Edition)
  • Rhea Ripley
  • Rhea Ripley WrestleMania 36 (40 Years of WrestleMania Edition)
  • The Rock
  • Roman Reigns
  • Shawn Michaels
  • Solo Sikoa
  • Stardust (pre-order bonus)
  • 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
  • 'Superstar' Billy Graham
  • Triple H
  • Triple H WrestleMania 30 (40 Years of WrestleMania Edition)
  • Trish Stratus
  • Tyler Breeze
  • The Undertaker
  • Xavier Woods
  • Yokozuna
  • Zoey Stark

WWE 2K24 releases, officially, on Friday, March 8.