WWE Announces New Championship At Stand And Deliver

4/6/2024 7:55 PM

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WWE Announces New Championship At Stand And Deliver

WWE Announces New Championship At Stand And Deliver

April 6, 2024 7:55 PM
WWE Announces New Championship At Stand And Deliver
WWE News

WWE will soon crown the inaugural NXT Women’s North American Champion.

WWE has announced the NXT Women’s North American Championship.

NXT General Manager Ava confirmed as much during a backstage segment at Stand And Deliver, noting that the strength and success of the brand’s women’s division led to the introduction of a new championship for its female roster. When, exactly, proceedings to crown an inaugural champion will begin remains to be seen, though NXT’s next Premium Live Event is reported as being on Sunday, June 9.

The introduction of the title marks WWE’s third women’s championship in NXT, though only the second that remains active. The NXT Women’s Championship was introduced in 2013 while the now-defunct NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships were created in early 2021. They were, however, unified with the main roster’s Women’s Tag Team Championships following WrestleMania 39.

All in all, the NXT Women’s North American Championship marks WWE’s seventeenth active championship and the second to be introduced in 2024 following the Speed Championship.

Will WWE Introduce A Secondary Main Roster Women’s Championship?

The reveal of a secondary women’s championship in NXT came as a surprise, given WWE’s long-time reluctance to do the same for the main roster. A Women’s Intercontinental Championship has long been a desire for many WWE fans and according to NXT announcer Booker T, WWE should follow through on fans’ wishes (H/T Sportskeeda Wrestling):

"Yeah, I think so. I think it's definitely something that [would] give the ladies a chance to shine a little bit more. Give the ladies a little bit more to work for. That secondary championship, I think, would definitely motivate just about everything, you know, in the women's division. I think the men got enough titles to go around to make, you know, everybody feel a certain way and give everybody that something they need to work a little bit harder to achieve, you know, goal per se, next level per se. But I think the women definitely need something.”

WWE’s current crop of female champions heading into WrestleMania 40 includes Rhea Ripley, Iyo Sky, The Kabuki Warriors, and Roxanne Perez.