WWE Believes NXT Will Beat Dynamite

11/11/2023 1:12 AM

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WWE Believes NXT Will Beat Dynamite

WWE Believes NXT Will Beat Dynamite

November 11, 2023 1:12 AM
WWE Believes NXT Will Beat Dynamite
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How Will the Move to CW Help?

The WWE believes NXT will beat Dynamite once the black-and-gold brand moves to the CW in 2024. That's the report coming from Haus of Wrestling which has this exclusive:

Haus of Wrestling is told by a WWE source that, internally, the belief is that NXT viewership will consistently outdraw AEW Dynamite next year, especially when they move to The CW. The belief is based on the idea that The CW is a “younger broadcast TV channel” instead of an “aging cable channel” and will help attract a younger and more influential audience. This is on top of the constantly high-quality content they are putting out and Levesque’s renewed push to integrate NXT with the other major WWE brands.

H/T Haus of Wrestling

The WWE has been successful raising NXT's ratings thanks to the influx of main roster talent. This ratings increase likely helped the WWE get more money for the TV rights to NXT from the CW. It's unknown if the WWE's deal with the CW has any expectation of NXT generating a certain rating. Fans may recall rumors that FOX executives approached the WWE with ideas on improving the SmackDown's ratings early on in the WWE's business partnership.

The Haus of Wrestling report also stated that there's a belief among some in the WWE that the AEW product is cold. This could make it easier for NXT to overtake Dynamite. However, keep in mind that there's still some time before NXT heads to the CW and there's no telling what state the AEW product will be in by then.

What do you think will happen when NXT heads to the CW? Is Dynamite looking at some serious competition?