WWE High On Bron Breakker

6/6/2024 3:36 PM

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WWE High On Bron Breakker

WWE High On Bron Breakker

June 6, 2024 3:36 PM
WWE High On Bron Breakker
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Let's go.

A new report from WrestleVotes has claimed that WWE are high on Bron Breakker, and the former NXT Champion will be a major focus for the company as they enter the Netflix era:

“I’m told WWE has considerably altered its creative plans for Bron Breakker. The 2nd generation superstar has impressed many higher-ups in his short stint on RAW. A source states Breakker is slated to be a major focus heading into the Netflix era.
‘With his age, speed, look, and pedigree, this rare combination of talents isn’t to be overlooked,’ said the source.”

Breakker is currently causing havoc on RAW, and this intense presentation has allowed Breakker to get over with the main roster audience extremely quickly.

It’s only a matter of time before Breakker wins his first title in WWE, and there’s no doubt that he’s a future WWE Champion.