WWE Legend Having Another Run?

12/22/2023 10:36 AM

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WWE Legend Having Another Run?

WWE Legend Having Another Run?

December 22, 2023 10:36 AM
WWE Legend Having Another Run?
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This would be a welcomed move...

2023 saw the legendary Trish Stratus have another run in WWE. Stratus predominantly feuded with Becky Lynch, and the two engaged in a match of the year contender inside a steel cage at this year’s Payback Premium Live Event.

Appearing on GAW TV, the WWE Hall of Famer heavily implied that she’s returning to WWE TV in 2024 for another run:

“Honestly. 2023 was probably the most insane year I’ve had on all fronts. I did not expect…I returned to wrestling, obviously, a little mini-program turned into six months. So much fun. I have a lot of things that are percolating and we’ll let you know when we can let you know. I’m excited. We’re on a roll here. Good things are happening, new opportunities and stuff that I didn’t even think I could tap into that I am.”
“It’s been fun. I can’t wait. Honestly, at the end of the day, the support from my Stratospherians, we are so thankful for everyone. They are what drive us; they’re what make us, and your interests are what make the interests, and therefore, we are a thing. Thank you to all my Stratospherians for coming out, for supporting, and it was so fun when I went back to wrestling, tapping into ‘if you know you know’ moments and having that ‘Oh, I loved when she did that back in the day.’ That was fun. I look forward to doing that again next year. I’m so excited.”

Would you like to see Stratus have another run in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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