WWE Legend, Trish Stratus Open To Another WWE Run

1/30/2024 1:21 PM

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WWE Legend, Trish Stratus Open To Another WWE Run

WWE Legend, Trish Stratus Open To Another WWE Run

January 30, 2024 1:21 PM
WWE Legend, Trish Stratus Open To Another WWE Run
WWE News

Stratus had a great run in 2023...

It looks like WWE legend, Trish Stratus could be open to returning to WWE programming.

Speaking with Alex McCarthy of Inside the Ropes, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed:

“I’ll listen. It’s my continuous thing I’ve said since I retired. If it’s the right moment, you know, if it’s something that makes sense, it’s ‘will the fans like it?’ ‘Is it going to be with someone I can?’ I can advance it. I can, you know, I want to do something like, you know, coming back and working with Zoe for me personally, was great because it was another layer like Becky doesn’t need my rub. But it was an interesting feud. And it’s something that two characters you saw were a fantasy matchup, generational faceoff, unique. You’d never think you could see that. And you got to see that. So that was great. So check that box. Bringing in Zoey for me helped. Because I really felt like I wanted to not just be there selfishly, for me, I want to be able to like, you know, give her something, and she was so great. And she added so much to her story. Questionable actions at the end, of course. You know what I’m saying? Nonetheless, yeah, so that was a great element…”
“I always ask if I can check all these boxes. If I can add something different and make something interesting with a unique approach to different characters, then I’ll do it. I also say that as long as I can go 100%. I’m never gonna come back and be like, ‘Listen, I’m gonna do this, but I’m only at like 60%, so I’m gonna do only like half my moves.’ I’m not gonna do that. I want to give you 100%. I never know until I get in.”

Stratus last wrestled at the WWE Payback event, in a match of the year contender with arch-rival, Becky Lynch.

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