UPDATE On Ivar's Injury

5/16/2024 8:14 PM

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UPDATE On Ivar's Injury

UPDATE On Ivar's Injury

May 16, 2024 8:14 PM
UPDATE On Ivar's Injury
WWE News

Another one.

The injury bug is ripping through WWE, and tonight, WWE have confirmed yet another injury.

WWE took to X to confirm that Ivar, who works both on the main roster, as well as NXT is injured.

WWE state that Ivar was hurt in the brawl with Gallus, so it’s unclear if this is a kayfabe injury, yet the talented star has been pulled from WWE programming such as the Speed tournament.

The WWE injury list is growing and growing, and we will keep you posted on any confirmed reports relating to Ivar’s status.

UPDATE (May 17)

Dave Meltzer is now reporting that Ivar's injury is a kayfabe one:

"Ivar was announced as being injured from an attack by Gallus. He’s just being given time off because he’s been working so hard of late but it’s nothing serious and just an angle."