WWE Still Working on NXT Europe

12/7/2023 8:46 PM

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WWE Still Working on NXT Europe

WWE Still Working on NXT Europe

December 7, 2023 8:46 PM
WWE Still Working on NXT Europe
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Is international NXT coming soon?

The WWE is still working on developing NXT Europe. That's the news Shawn Michaels shared with the WWE Universe during his Deadline conference call. However, the WWE's Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative did not say when the long-discussed brand will launch.

Wrestling News' Andrew Ravens summarized Michaels' comments concerning NXT Europe:

The WWE Hall of Famer said that things are still in the works for the brand and brought up recent announcements of WWE holding premium live events in international markets. He sees Europe as a hotbed for the company and will be ready to go for NXT Europe

H/T Wrestling News

Michaels' comments aren't any help for fans who have been waiting for the WWE to launch NXT Europe, especially after the WWE folded NXT UK in the summer of 2022. As EWrestlingNews' Thomas Lawson noted: 

WWE NXT Europe was announced in August 2022 and despite initial plans for the new brand to be running in 2023, a launch date has yet to be announced.

H/T EWrestlingNews

An International Array of NXT Brands

Fans may recall that the WWE discussed building several international NXT brands. While nothing was laid in stone, the WWE was considering setting up NXT brands in India, Japan, and Mexico (at the time NXT UK was still going strong). Unfortunately, the pandemic hit and the WWE's plans were put on hold as it struggled to find a way to deliver its existing product during a global lockdown.

While there has been no official word on what the reason (or reasons) is for the delay in getting NXT Europe off the ground, there has been speculation that the WWE's efforts to merge with Endeavor played a role in this. WWE officials may have felt that launching an ambitious product during negotiations could complicate things.

Is NXT Europe Still in the Cards?

It could take time for the WWE to debut NXT Europe. TKO-Holdings may be taking things slowly to assess whether the investment in an international developmental brand is worth the pay-off. There's no doubt that the demand for the WWE product is high right now, both domestically and internationally. However, would fans be willing to support a developmental territory of young talent when they are used to seeing main roster stars when the WWE comes to town? 

One way the WWE could help things is by bringing main roster stars to round out NXT Europe's roster, much as it currently does with NXT. The WWE could utilize some of the stars who are now relegated to catering or occasional background appearances on RAW or SmackDown. Fans watching NXT Europe might be interested enough to watch NXT Europe if there are established stars working with up-and-coming wrestlers. Bringing in established stars can also freshen up their act and allow them to help younger talent.

For now, fans in Europe will have to settle for the WWE's upcoming shows in Berlin and Paris. Do you think NXT Europe will debut soon? Is it a good idea?