WWE Talent To Receive Time Off

12/11/2023 1:50 PM

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WWE Talent To Receive Time Off

WWE Talent To Receive Time Off

December 11, 2023 1:50 PM
WWE Talent To Receive Time Off
WWE News

This is a welcomed move...

It has now been confirmed that WWE talent and crew will be given time off over the Holiday season. As was previously reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the December 25 show of RAW won’t be live, and will instead be a ‘best of’ show.

Additionally, Fightful Select has since reported that WWE will have a full-week off over the Holiday season:

“During a recent interview, it was intimated that Triple H hopes for talent to have more time at home with their families than in the previous regime. Early on, it looks like he’s making good on that. Talent that Fightful have spoken to say that WWE talent will have a full week off in most cases ahead of Christmas, as there are no events scheduled between December 19 and December 25. The WWE Holiday tour picks back up on December 26..”

“We’re told that the plan for WWE Smackdown in Green Bay on December 15 as of now is a double taping. We've also asked about WWE Raw in Des Moines the following Monday, but haven't had confirmation on that.”

This is awesome news, and hopefully the WWE roster enjoys their well-deserved break.

H/T - Fightful