Mercedes Mone Drops Another Hint that She's WWE-Bound

12/29/2023 11:37 PM

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Mercedes Mone Drops Another Hint that She's WWE-Bound

Mercedes Mone Drops Another Hint that She's WWE-Bound

December 29, 2023 11:37 PM
Mercedes Mone Drops Another Hint that She's WWE-Bound
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Is Mone Serious About a WWE Comeback?

Mercedes Mone (aka former WWE Superstar Sasha Banks) drops another hint that she's WWE-bound, just the latest in what appears to be a campaign designed to make fans think she's returning to the WWE. Here's what we know so far that has fans thinking Mercedes is headed back to the WWE.

It's All About the Mone

2023 was an interesting year for Mercedes as she returned to wrestling, competing in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Early on, Mercedes made it clear that she didn't want to be tied down to any one promotion. Some fans and pundits speculated that this was why Mone didn't sign with AEW, despite AEW's interest in her. At one point it looked like Mercedes might compete at AEW's Forbidden Door 2 pay-per-view. These rumors ended after Mone injured her ankle and was sidelined for months.

Nonetheless, rumors persisted that she might work in AEW in some capacity. Mercedes was seen in the audience at All In, a situation which some fans felt was proof positive she was going to work in AEW.

However, rumor has it that negotiations between AEW and Mercedes for one or more matches have ended, which many fans believe indicates she's looking to work elsewhere. Where things get interesting is that Mone recently posted two messages on social media hinting at a WWE return.

On 24 December, Mone tweeted:

This post is the type of clever clue the WWE used prior to the late, great Bray Wyatt's 2022 return to the WWE. While the WWE continues to deny it, the company also dropped hints that CM Punk could return to the WWE before his return appearance. In this case, Sasha's post has three sentences that begin with the letter "H.' Coincidence?

In addition, Wrestling News' Angel Aramboles commented on another tease from Mercedes:

On December 26th, she posted a photo of herself in front of Boston's TD Garden on the same day when WWE ran a live event there. The latest post shows her in front of a Triple H poster.

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Is "The Boss" Preparing for a WWE Comeback?

When Might Mercedes Return to the WWE?

While a Mercedes Mone WWE return is still speculation, there are two potential places for a well-timed return. The first is 27 January's Royal Rumble. The WWE likes to surprise fans with returns by legends as well as former Superstars who are coming back for another run. A Sasha Banks return at the Rumble would be huge and would certainly pop the crowd.

It's also possible that Mone could return as early as this Monday's RAW. Fightful Select is reporting that the WWE is close to bringing back a "former WWE Champion" to 1 January's Day 1 special edition of RAW (for more about who could show up, check out our article "Former WWE Champion Rumored to Appear at Day 1").

Could Mercedes Change the Business?

If Mercedes is returning to the WWE, will she sign a long-term deal? As mentioned earlier, Mone has stated she didn't want to be committed to a long-term deal. However, the WWE is known for wanting to lock down talent to long-term deals (and has been signing current Superstars to contract extensions). If Mone doesn't sign a long-term deal, this would be a big departure from WWE policy. While the WWE might sign her to a limited deal, it seems unlikely it would let her work in other promotions.

Of course Mercedes could be testing the waters to see who is willing to offer her the most money and a WWE return may be a ploy to entice other promotions to sign her. What do you think is next for "The Boss?" , Mercedes could be testing the waters to see who is willing to offer her the most money,

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