New Information on Who is Playing the Devil's Henchmen in AEW

12/30/2023 12:23 AM

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New Information on Who is Playing the Devil's Henchmen in AEW

New Information on Who is Playing the Devil's Henchmen in AEW

December 30, 2023 12:23 AM
New Information on Who is Playing the Devil's Henchmen in AEW
AEW News

Will We Learn Who The Devil and His Minions Are at World's End?

number-oneNew information emerges on who is playing the Devil's henchmen in AEW and how things could play out at AEW's World's End pay-per-view. The mystery of who is underneath the Devil's mask has mystified AEW fans for months with speculation that the masked marauder might be MJF, Adam Cole, or someone else. The storyline saw a major swerve on the 27 December Dynamite when it was revealed that Samoa Joe had enlisted the Devil's help to soften MJF up for Joe's AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match against MJF at World's End.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that:

Spears hadn’t been used much but on a recent TV was one of the Devil’s guys

H/T 1 January 2024 Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Spears' involvement in the Devil storyline is interesting because rumor has it that AEW has been using the same wrestlers as the Devil's hellish henchmen for the entire storyline. However, as WrestleLamia reported earlier, Spears will become a free agent on 1 January 2024. If so, it seems odd that AEW would use him as one of the Devil's malicious minions. Even odder would be a reveal that Spears is the Devil and that his AEW exit was a work. It's difficult to imagine the AEW Galaxy popping to the reveal that Spears is the Devil.

The Devil's Identity Will Be Revealed Soon

It's looking like AEW is ready to unmask the Devil at World's End. AEW President Tony Khan commented during the World's End media call that:

"It feels like we're getting close to finding out who The Devil is. I expect some big revelations and big moments at Worlds End. The secrets will be revealed, and I'm looking forward to it. It's been very different from the rest of AEW this year, and I've been very excited about it.‚ÄĚ

H/T Wrestling News

AEW has done a good job building suspense with the storyline. It's also showed restraint in the pacing of the storyline by not rushing it but also by not dragging it out. A reveal at World's End seems like a good way to end 2023 and if the Devil turns out to be a major player, it could give AEW a jumpstart for 2024.

While the Devil's identity is the reveal fans are most interested in, there's also the mystery of who defeated MJF for the ROH World Tag Team Championship. While there are fewer expectations for their identities than the main man, AEW and ROH fans will be happier if they're revealed to be someone noteworthy rather than a mid-card act from Rampage.

What do you think about this latest development in AEW's number-one mystery?