Rumor Seth Rollins Will Address Physical Status on RAW

1/19/2024 10:48 PM

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Rumor Seth Rollins Will Address Physical Status on RAW

Rumor Seth Rollins Will Address Physical Status on RAW

January 19, 2024 10:48 PM
Rumor Seth Rollins Will Address Physical Status on RAW
WWE News

Will Rollins Reveal Injury on RAW?

There's a rumor Seth Rollins will address his physical status on this week's RAW, a rumor which likely will add to the conjecture concerning whether the current World Heavyweight Champion is hurt.

WrestleVotes is reporting:

This is the latest piece in the puzzle concerning Seth Rollins' physical condition following his 15 January title defense against Jinder Mahal. As WrestleLamia noted in a previous article, no one knows for sure what happened.

Wrestling News' Andrew Ravens commented on the little that we do know:

As previously reported, people in the company who would know about Rollins' injury situation are not commenting. Rollins was seen walking around on his leg with a limp, so hopefully, that's a sign that it's not too severe, such as a torn ACL.

H/T Wrestling News

WrestleLamia also discussed the latest development in the story in our latest news video. The WWE has pulled Seth from live events this weekend and Randy Orton is substituting for him. For more information, check out our video below.

A Tricky Situation

The WrestleVotes story follows a report from Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that:

Seth Rollins vs. Punk is the confirmed WrestleMania plan.

H/T 22 January 2024 Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It's tricky to guess what the WWE's options are for the rumored Seth vs Punk match right now. Depending on Rollins' injury, he may be able to work a limited schedule while also rehabbing the injury. However, if he continues to work through an injury, he risks aggravating it to the point where he'll have to step away from wrestling indefinitely.

For example, if Rollins has an ACL tear, his options don't include rehab if he wants to continue working matches.

A torn ACL can’t heal on its own, but it’s possible to live with it (especially if you have a low-grade tear). But if you’re an athlete or want to return to physical activity, you’ll need surgery to repair your ACL. Most people choose to have an ACL tear surgically repaired. It usually takes six to nine months to recover from a torn ACL. Competitive athletes may need a little longer than this to heal fully before they’re cleared to return to their sport.

H/T Cleveland Clinic

The problem is no one knows the extent of any potential injury. It's also unknown (assuming Rollins is injured) whether it's something he can try to work through. Fans have seen some outrageous efforts by wrestlers to work through injuries, such as Cody Rhodes working at 2022's Hell in a Cell with a torn pectoral muscle against Seth Rollins.

If Rollins cannot compete (for example, if he needs time off for surgery), the WWE will have to find a new match for CM Punk. Given the depth of the WWE's roster, that should be no problem. If Seth can't work WrestleMania 40, who would you like to see CM Punk battle?

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